Collaborative Research and Development

Cosmos Technical Center is engaged in collaborative research and
development with both domestic and foreign research institutions,
universities, and cosmetic manufacturers.

Our expertise

  • Collaborative development
    for new raw materials
  • Development of new
    guide formulations
  • Raw materials analysis
    and evaluation
  • Consultancy services for
    trial manufacture

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our technologies

Challenges and wants - open to your ideas

  • 1.Industrial purification of water-soluble ascorbic acid derivatives
  • 2.Solid catalyst for esterification
  • 3.Recycling of biomass waste
  • 4.Metathesis reaction on industrial level
  • 5.Development of alternative materials for petroleum-derived ingredients
  • 6.Development of various functional ingredients
Main collaborative research parties (actual results)

Domestic: Keio University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), RIKEN, University of Tokyo,Utsunomiya University, Tokai University, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo University of Technology Tsukuba University and others.
Overseas: Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (A * STAR), University of Florida, University of South Carolina and others.

Open Research Laboratory


Our Open Research Laboratory is a "laboratory open for our customers" to conduct their research and development.

We have several training courses, ranging from basic training on surfactants to application training course in emulsion technology for more experienced formulators. Besides the general curriculum, we also offer courses tailor-suited to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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Employment Opportunities

The components and technologies developed by our company are used in various fields. Are you interested in working with us to develop components and technologies that enrich people's lives?
You could work with us to develop components and technologies that enrich people's lives.

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Nikkol Group provides total support for cosmetic businesses, from materials and formulation development to product development.

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  • 日本サーファクタント工業株式会社
  • 株式会社二コダームリサーチ



We are your One-Stop Solution for Raw material development・evaluation to finished product


Cosmos Technical Center is the R&D center at the heart of Nikkol Group. Based on information
collected by our group network on the latest market needs, user needs, and producer-driven
solutions around the world, we are developing new concept ingredients and technologies. Our
products are used in various fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food industries.

Raw materials
  • Development of surfactants, active ingredients (vitamin derivatives, etc.) and oil-based ingredients

  • Provide trial samples
Product application
  • Development of functional emulsifying blends used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products
  • Development of formulations for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products.
  • Coordination of OEM production for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals formulations
Efficacy and Safety Evaluation
  • In vitro efficacy evaluation

  • In vitro safety evaluation

  • Clinical test (in vivo)